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BC Cartographic Privacy Statement :

We'll keep it simple.

We do not sell or use your email address for any bulk advertising, spamming, telemarketing etc etc etc, nor will we knowingly make it available to be used by others.

If you send us email or request to check on the availability of a specific chart, we will not add you to any list to receive information that you did not request.

Cookies: the only cookies used on this site are associated with the shopping cart and expire within 24 hrs on the server. You can delete the cookie on your local system when you wish. We do not utilize information within the cookie outside of that used by the cart software which allows a visitor to "continue shopping" without losing track of any selected items.

Credit Card information: We don't want it, we don't need it. If you enter CC information it will be on our payment processing services (either CCnow or PayPal) and we thankfully do not have access to that information.