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Towed Underwater Video Camera Case plans

These pages document a towed video case I've bounced off the bottom of Lake Champlain

This is the design of the fourth case I've built. The first 2 were for a saticon tube based security camera in a 6" PVC tube about 12 years ago. This design uses 2" PVC pipe and fittings, with a 1.5" square low light B&W ccd board camera. If you buy the camera for the $40-60 which is now the going rate, the entire thing should cost you just under $100 excluding case to surface cables.

A 65kb self-extracting exe containing a text file explaining the assembly of a case in boring detail, 3 GIF's showing case , descender wing and tow upright and a fin design : Download the package 65kb self extracting exe   or 49kb zip file or view each piece from the four links above.

design courtesy Ed Bell         web space courtesy BC Cartographic            www.Charts-USA.COM

uw camera case

As you can tell, it's had a rough life, but it's all just cosmetic and the case appears to be close to bulletproof.
Total length of the pipe is 13.5"