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       Lake Champlain - Burlington Harbor Wrecks

Wreck site marked by Yellow mooring Buoy.
Phoenix Burlington Bay Coal Barge Diamond Island Champlain II
Vermont Underwater Preserve
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1:40,000   NOS chart 14782   For higher detail use NOS chart 14785 1:10,000 scale
Phoenix    Coal Barge    Stone Boat    Champlain II   
Wreck Location Lat
Depth FFW Comments
Horse Powered Ferry Burlington Bay - 1100 meters NW of north point of breakwater44 29.1'
73 14.6'
4563' x 23', very fragile wreck, only known example of horse driven (turntable) ferry
OJ WalkerBurlington Bay44 28.7'
73 14.4'
60mostly intact Sensitive site registration please
General ButlerBurlington Harbor breakwater - south edge, west side44 28.3'
73 13.7'
4088' x 14' 1862 sailing canal boat - sunk 1876, mostly intact
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