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Vermont Underwater Preserve

Seasonal registration required. Please be sure to register at area dive shops, local charter captains, the Burlington Community Boat House, Burlington, Vermont (802) 865-3377 or Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, Vergennes, Vermont (802) 475-2022

Dive Charters to the Preserve sites can be booked through Waterfront Diving Center in Burlington.

The OJ Walker and the Water Witch requires seperate "sensitive site" registration. You can register directly at either of the above facilities, but can only reserve a time slot by directly contacting the Burlington Community Boat House at (802) 865-3777, or on Marine Band Radio on channel 74 or 79.

Wreck site marked by Yellow mooring Buoy.

Phoenix Burlington Bay Coal Barge Diamond Island Champlain II
Vermont Underwater Preserve
lake champlain overview
image indicates available sidescan image

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Depth FFW Comments
Phoenix north face of Colchester Shoal44 33.3'
73 20.1'
60 to 110146' x 27' 1814 sidewheel steamer, sunk 1819 burned to the waterline, only hull remains
Horse Powered Ferry
Burlington harbor Horse Ferry sidescan thumbnail
Burlington Bay - 1100 meters NW of north point of breakwater44 29.1'
73 14.6'
4563' x 23', very fragile wreck, only known example of horse driven (turntable) ferry
OJ Walker
oj walker sidescan thumbnail
Burlington Bay44 28.7'
73 14.4'
60mostly intact Sensitive site registration please
General Butler
General butler sidescan thumbnail
Burlington Harbor breakwater - south edge, west side44 28.3'
73 13.7'
4088' x 14' 1862 sailing canal boat - sunk 1876, mostly intact
Coal Barge
AR Noyes sidescan thumbnail
north of Proctor Shoal (off Shelburne Pt)44 27.2'
73 14.7'
60 to 8090' x 14' 1800's canal barge, presumed to be the A.R. Noyes. Silty bottom
Stone Boatsoutheast of Diamond Island44 14.1
73 20.0'
12 to 2393' x 14'. Canal boat carrying quarried stone. Currents may be strong.
Water Witch1000 ft south of Diamond Island 44 13.93'
73 20.13'
9083' x 18'. Steamboat converted to sail. Built 1832 sank April 26 1866 while carrying iron ore. Currents may be strong. Sensitive site registration please
New York Underwater Preserve
Champlain IIWestport - n of Rock Harbor44 12.36'
73 22.58'
15 to 35258' x 35' 1868 sidewheel steamer originally named the Oakes Ames - renamed 1874 - ran aground 1875. Approx 160 ft of the hull remains, mostly debris